The R.A.W. Impact


At R.A.W. Transports we strive to develop custom solutions in partnership with our clients. Solutions include dedicated fleet implementation, on-site dispatchers, custom KPI’s, 3PL sole source logistics, and many more. Through advanced technology and unparalleled industry experience, we can custom tailor solutions to meet any of your needs. Blockquote Author


R.A.W. Transports & Logistics has a longstanding history of being the industry leader in safety and we have the numbers to prove it. Our goal is zero workplace injuries and zero over the road incidients, and our team is constantly working to find a way to achieve our goal. We work relentlessly to strengthen our safety culture and train our team members to recognize unsafe behaviors and situations. The most important tool we have is our people.

We contract with many of the biggest oil and gas and steel companies in the world and is consistently ranked as the safest carrier that most of them use.

Company Owned Equipment and Maintenance Facilities

Owing our own equipment has allowed us to maintain some of the newest and nicest equipment on the road. The advantages R.A.W. Transports & Logistics bring to the table are: Blockquote Author

At any given time we can track our drivers and help them with their route planning

All of our commercial drivers are outfitted with on-board electronic logs to ensure that they are never pressured to drive through the night and put themselves and our customers at risk.

Our trucks are outfitted with an onboard braking system that doesn’t allow for our drivers to follow too closely behind other vehicles and automatically applies the brakes when they do

Via our onboard vehicle monitor, our safety department is alerted to any sudden braking events and speeding events that our trucks incur, allowing us to bring in our drivers and learn from these instances

At R.A.W. Transports & Logistics, we own several maintenance facilities and have a very experienced maintenance department which is regularly inspecting our vehicles every 25,000 miles

Understanding our Customer’s Needs

The industries and customers we serve all have varying safety needs. Our safety team works with each of our customers during an onboarding process to identify these needs and adapt our processes. As we learn and develop new safety methods from customer experiences, we implement them into our fleet wide safety training program. we have developed the industry leading safety training program, teaching our drivers about experiences we have learned from and new standards that we have implemented. This also entails evolving the equipment we use to strap down loads, chalk loads, tarp loads and many more as we learn how to avoid injuries. A large part of our safety program involves working with our customers to identify issues we are seeing with them or their vendors.Blockquote Author


Through our online system our customers have the ability to enter orders as well as track shipments in real-time and receive up-to-the-minute updates. This offers our customers an efficient option for booking and monitoring shipments.

Customers have the option to receive instantaneous notifications of when their freight has been picked up and delivered via email. These notifications can be set to go to different emails on each order and specific emails can even be set for pickup and delivery locations.

Our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking software onboard. This allows for knowledge of where your freight is at all times. Additionally, historical location data is maintained, providing the ability to review trip details should questions arise.

Upon delivery, our drivers are obtaining electronic signatures via tablets. The signature and printed name are immediately uploaded to our online system where it can be viewed and printed by the customer. Signatures are also accessible via the automated POD emails.

Through linking our system with your inventory or business application system, we can automate many processes, including order entry, tracking, POD signatures, and invoicing. This has saved countless man hours and greatly reduced shipping costs for our end users.

Our mobile app is being developed to meet our clients and drivers needs to ensure we meet expectations. The goal for the application is to allow for order entry and tracking through your cell phone or tablet. It is available through both the IOS and Android marketplace.

We recognize the importance of tracking performance levels to determine areas where improvements can be made and efficiencies can be achieved. We have developed customizable metrics that can be tailored to fit each customer based on their specific needs and requests.

We are a family owned and operated business. As such, we consider our employees and customers as members of an extended family. We strive to foster an environment of open communication, creativity, trust, and loyalty by exemplifying integrity in all that we do across our entire network of employees, vendors and customers.