Dedicated – Our dedicated fleet services is an excellent option for customers seeking the services, branding, efficiency, and specialization capabilities of company trucks. Allows for potential customers to avoid the additional fees for purchasing, staffing and managing their own fleet. Great opportunity for high volume shippers, we can provide late to new model semi-tractors with uniformed drivers on a weekly or annualized rate. Great costing model for forecasting and controlling costs.



R.A.W. Transports & Logistics is a full service flatbed carrier available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure your shipping needs are in good hands. Our flatbeds are fully equipped with Pipe Stakes and Dunnage.

HOT SHOT – Dynamic Superior Delivery Service

For loads that do not require a tractor, we offer a large fleet of smaller vehicles that provide a diverse range of transportation services. Services includes on demand courier work, long distance direct deliveries, dedicated fleet services, hazmat transportation, and more. All terminals maintain a hotshot fleet.



R.A.W. Transports & Logistics can handle all of your shipping needs, even when we do not have our own trucks available. Our logistics department’s extensive carrier network allows us to cover all of your freight needs nationwide with the same high level of service you expect.