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Why work here

We understand the need for all of our employees to have time away from work to spend with their families and friends. Therefore we have made sure our employees have the ability to take time off from work and still get paid. Vacation time varies based on length of time with the company

Our employee’s ability to retire with a significant savings is very important to R.A.W. Transports & Logistics, LLC . Every employee who has been here for the minimum time required by the plan gets a contribution when the company does well. The longer you stay with R.A.W. Transports & Logistics, LLC , the more money you have in your plan and the further vested your money is. Upon departure, this money becomes available to the employee.

In addition to our Profit Sharing Plan, we enable our employees to contribute additional amounts to an employee sponsored 401k Plan.

You never know what life is going to throw at you. We want our employees to be able to rest assured they are covered, if they choose, for these unexpected events.

Healthcare is becoming an astronomical cost to millions of Americans. At R.A.W. Transports & Logistics, LLC, we offer health insurance to all full time, qualifying employees and we cover a large amount of the premiums.

For employees enrolled in our medical coverage we offer the ability to contribute to a Health Savings Account (HSA). In addition to our employee’s contribution, R.A.W. Transports & Logistics, LLC, matches a set amount each pay period. An HSA allows you to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for qualifying medical or dependent care expenses.


The Driver Difference

At R.A.W. Transports & Logistics, LLC, our equipment and safety levels are very important to us. As a result, we make it a high priority to have the newest equipment in the industry. We are constantly upgrading our vehicles and trailers to ensure that our drivers have the newest and best equipment on the road.

We respect our drivers desire to treat their truck like their home and put all of their personal belongings in the truck. To allow for this we let our drivers pick a truck and stay in it instead of requiring our drivers to get in one truck today and another tomorrow.

We know that time at home with their families is very important to our drivers. With some variation by location we do our best to ensure our drivers are at home with their families as often as we can.

All drivers have the option to get paid directly into their bank accounts via direct deposit. In addition, our tractor drivers are paid via Comdata which allows the ability to leave the funds on the Card in the event they do not have a bank account.

Safety isn’t just a word at R.A.W. Transports & Logistics, LLC, it’s a priority. We have enacted several safety programs such as gift cards for clean inspections or reporting unsafe behavior. Every driver is encouraged to stop work and immediately report to our safety and operations team any situation that they feel is unsafe or are uncomfortable with

We understand the need for cash on hand to pay for expenses when on the road. We allow our drivers up to two weekly advances on their paycheck through their Comdata card.